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"Discover How Martial Arts Classes Can Make You Fit
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Now YOU Can Enjoy Any Of Our Beginner Martial Art Or Fitness Programs For One  Entire Month (A Full 30 DAYS) Absolutely FREE With No Strings Attached And No Further Commitments!

Dear Future Martial Artist,

If you're interested in finding out how martial arts training can make a grand impact on your own or your child's life, then the information on this webpage just might be exactly what you need to get started.

You may have ended up on this website after searching for some kind of martial arts classes, schools or gyms in Miami. You fall into one or more of these following categories:
  • arrowA mom or dad looking for Martial Arts or Karate training for kids because you heard that martial arts is a great way for kids to learn discipline and self-control.
  • arrowA "mature" or "boomer" adult who's heard that martial arts is a great way for adults to get into fitness and learn self-defence.
  • arrowA female adult who's looking to sign up for Kickboxing Classes because she's learned that aerobics is dead so all those Step Classes and 45-minute walks on the treadmill or around Baptist Hospital are a big waste of money and time!.
  • arrowA male or female adult who's looking for something with a little more substance than the sport martial arts, something a little more well-rounded.

Here' s Who This Kind Of Martial Art Training Is For

You're NOT looking for the school closest to you. Nor are you looking for the last "Johnny-come-lately" warehouse school that just opened up claiming to be the best in town!
Whatever your category, I welcome you to this website.
As you might imagine, being the Chief Instructor of one of the most popular and oldest martial arts schools in Miami (actually one of the oldest Jeet Kune Do schools in the State of Florida), everyday I get lots of phone calls and emails from people just like you who are looking to start martial arts training.
Some are interested in self defense, others are interested in fitness and weight loss, while others are interested in "mixed martial arts" fighting.
There's also another group that wants martial arts training that blends with philosophy and spirituality.

No matter what your interest, I'm about to make you an irresistible offer to test-drive some of the best martial arts training and the best adult, junior Jeet Kune Do classes, Muay Thai classes, Lil' Dragon classes, Filipino Kali classes or Fitness Kickboxing classes available in Miami.

In fact, it is literally impossible for you to EVER get a better offer for any type of martial art training you may invest in during your lifetime.
Because I'm going to let you try out the martial art program of your choice with zero commitment on your part... Now YOU Can Enjoy Any Of Our Beginner Martial Art Or Fitness Programs For One Entire Month (A Full 30 DAYS) Absolutely FREE With No Strings Attached And No Further Commitments!

Look, I know that getting started at a martial art school can be a scary thing. Actually, starting anything new can be scary... And that's why a lot of advertisers try to trick you into buying their products or services by waving that "no commitment, no obligation" flag in front of you.">But I'm not like that. If you seriously have no interest in making a commitment to yourself or your child, then I have no interest in you.
On the other hand, if you can commit to taking the time to check out our Academy and at least take a "test drive", then go ahead and fill out this information box below.
If you've always wanted to know just how martial art training could benefit you and/or your children, then you've come to the right place.
For over 25 years Unified Martial Art Academy, the home of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do in Miami, has provided martial arts lessons for kids and adults who want to get or stay in shape, learn a discipline, learn self-defense or just engage in a healthful activity, good for their mind, body and soul.
Whether your goals for yourself or your children are to learn martial arts for self-confidence, discipline, cardiovascular fitness or "mixed martial arts" fighting, you are sure to find what you want at UMAA.

Here's Why You Want To Listen Very Carefully
To The Things I Have To Say:

Whenever you start out on a new quest, you will always have a lot of questions.
Starting to train in martial arts is no different. In the over 30 years that I've been teaching martial art, including the 20+ years of teaching Jeet Kune Do here in Miami, I'm pretty sure I have been asked your question.

Try To See If You Can Find Your Questions Here!

  • checkmarkI don't have any previous experience, is martial arts training really something I can do?
  • What exactly is Jeet Kune Do?
  • Can martial arts training help me to get in shape?
  • What exactly is Cardio or Fitness Kickboxing?
  • checkmarkHow soon can I expect to see or feel the benefits?
  • Is UMAA a fitness gym as well as a martial arts school?
  • checkmarkHow long does it take the average person to learn martial arts?
  • Can you help me find a fitness or martial arts personal trainer?
  • checkmarkHow much does it cost?

Did You Find Your Question? Here Are Some Others You May Or May Not Have Thought About!

  • checkmark2At what age do you take kids?
  • Do you have girls' fitness kickboxing classes?
  • Do you give boxing classes?
  • Do you give children's martial art classes?
  • Do you focus on health and fitness?
  • How many calories can I burn in Fitness Kickboxing?
  • checkmark2Do you teach grappling or mixed martial arts?
  • What's the difference between Jeet Kune Do and Tae Kwon Do?
  • What's the difference between Jeet Kune Do and Kung Fu?
  • What's Muay Thai kickboxing?
  • What's the difference between regular kickboxing and Muay Thai?
  • Is Thai Boxing the same as women's kickboxing?
  • Do you give self-defense courses?
  • Will martial arts make my child a bully?
  • Will martial arts help my child defend herself?
  • checkmark2Is martial arts good for discipline?
  • How many classes can I take?
  • Can you teach me to fight like Bruce Lee?

    Did You Find Your Question In The List?

Even if you didn't find your question there, I can assure you that whatever your question might be, I've probably been asked it before.
To be honest, there probably isn't a question about martial arts that I can't answer. And over the years, I've found that the best way to give these answers is face-to-face.
If you've read this far, then you're obviously interested in learning how martial arts can put more power, strength, endurance, confidence, control and discipline in your life.
So here's what you should do next.
All you need to do is to fill out this information form below with your full name and email address to instantly get your copy of "The Consumers' Guide To How to Choose the Best Martial Arts School for Yourself and/or Your Family" (a $29.95 value)

You'll also receive your FAQ video series of martial arts videos which will answer the most frequently asked questions that we have received over the years from hundreds of people just like you.

If you're wondering where the Academy is, we moved (in April 2014) to 13260 SW 120th Street in the Kendall Pines Commercial Center next to Heritage School (on the west) and just before the BP gas station (on the east).
Feel free to drop by and meet us. Or call our office directly at 305 595-2892 and one of our staff members will gladly help you out with whatever information you need.
When you do, please remember to mention that you're interested in your 30 Days FREE Trial Program.

Sifu Dwight Woods
4th Rank Full Instructor
Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do

P.S. Do yourself a great favour and request your FREE copy of The Consumers' Guide to How To Choose The Best Martial Arts School For Yourself Or Your Family, get your FREE video series and information on the 30-days Free Trial Program. Since martial art can be a life-changing activity, you need as much advance information as possible to help you make your best decision.

Rave Reviews from current and former UMAA members
"my insurance lowered my premiums"
"After a few months of Fitness Kickboxing at UMAA, my health improved so much, my cholesterol levels went down so far that the insurance company lowered my premiums. I owe it all to UMAA. With the money I'm saving on insurance I feel like I'm getting my Kickboxing classes for FREE!"

Oscar Camargo

"UMAA is the best.. believe me!"
"I've been Fitness Kickboxing in Miami at UMAA for over 4 years now. They got me in shape for my 2002, 2003 and 2004 calendars. They are the best. Take my word for it!"

Adriana Cataņo

"UMAA introduced me to myself"
"My brother introduced me to UMAA in 1993. It took 2 years before I could join (until I got out of the Army) but after a few weeks with Sifu Dwight, I knew this was what I'd been looking for. UMAA has introduced me to so much... other cultures, people from all walks of life and in a way, to myself."

Garrick Wilson

"My colleagues at UMAA are outstanding teachers and human beings"
"I've been a member of UMAA since November,1992. The first time I saw a group of UMAA students, they were demonstrating at a local gym. I had never seen a martial arts group NOT in karate suits. These guys wore t-shirts with funny looking symbols on them! Cut to 10 years later and I'm the father of 3 beautiful girls; it turns out the gym owners were crooks while my colleagues at UMAA were outstanding teachers and human beings.
At first it was difficult convincing my significant other, but now she knows how important my other (UMAA) family is to me."

Miguel Hernandez

"Classes are empowering, invigorating and encouraging!"
"My office job is mentally challenging but TOO sedentary. I need a physical activity but walking 3 times a week wasn't quite enough. My brother, the Bruce Lee fan, recommended UMAA because he was so impressed with Sifu Dwight's teaching style. I started in Fitness Kickboxing but traveling for work interrupted my classes. Now I'm back taking JKD and I LOVE IT! Sifu Dwight teaches in a relaxed yet deliberate manner, is a man of integrity and a master at his craft. I feel honored to be his student. The UMAA staff has created an environment that is stimulating, courteous, helpful and encouraging. Classes are empowering, invigorating and comfortable. I'm excited to be expanding my horizons in such a great atmosphere."

Deborah Rivera Rodriguez

"I chose UMAA to learn effective, practical self-defense methods"
"As a police officer I have to be prepared for the unexpected. Training can mean the difference between life and death. My skills need to be constantly tested and updated. Most of the tactics I was taught were designed with departmental liability in mind. After many confrontations, I knew that I had to find a school where I could learn effective, practical methods. That's why I chose UMAA."

Joshua de La Milera

"This is definitely the place!"

Jeet Kune Do as taught by Sifu Woods and Sihing Rondono is by far the most practical and effective of the martial arts. It's a no-nonsense, common sense approach to self-defense that not only teaches you techniques and combinations but prides itself in tapping the particular strengths and abilities of the each individual student."Take what is useful, discard what is not, and add that which is especially your own."If you hang around UMAA long enough, this philosophy will eventually permeate through EVERY aspect of your daily life, making it a great place for adults and children alike. My son is also a proud member of UMAA and I've seen his attitude and confidence improve by leaps and bounds in the short time he's been a student of Sifu and Sihing. This is definitely the place!


Joey Torres

"It's an honor to be your student"
For the first time in my life, I feel in control of my own destiny. Your teachings have given me strength, focus, and I have found that I am the person that I always thought I was, a magnificent human being capable of unimaginable expression. You have taught me to strive and continue to develop as a martial artist, friend and a father.
It is a true honor to be your student, and have been shown the way by your example. So I salute you, Sifu Dwight Woods, for you continuing support and contribution to my Jeet Kune Do training, my personal development and achievement.

Sihing Yahve Montalvo

Calendar of Events
Sifu Dwight's Holiday
Private Lessons Series

·         DATE: Staring Saturday, December 6th thru Saturday 27th

·         TIMES: different times available based on your schedule

·         LOCATION:  13260 SW 120th Street, Miami, Florida 33186

.     COST: $50

Bring a training partner, get 50% off, split the costs and save money!

Single or Group
Jeet Kune Do Video Training Resources

Sifu Dwight is now on the Internet demonstrating Basic and Advanced training for Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do at Expert Village
  • Click here to check out his Basic Jeet Kune Do clips
  • Click here to check out his Advanced Jeet Kune Do clips
  • Click here to check out UMAA's brand new Filipino Kali and Muay Thai videos on YouTube
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At UMAA, you'll find that we are focused on the total individual, using martial arts as a vehicle to achieve this.
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